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Charlotte Russe is very “inspired” in the shoe department

Step forward, Charlotte Russe, you of the cheap clothes and “buy one pair of shoes, get the second pair for $10” offers. You have been accused of taking “inspiration” from other brands a little too literally, and we’d like to know how you plead.

First, the evidence:

Christian Louboutin shoes copied by Charlotte Russe
Christian Louboutin Vs Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe valentino bootsValentino Vs Charlotte Russe

Miu Miu shoes copied by Charlotte RusseMiu Miu Vs Charlotte Russe

Pierre Hardy shoes copied by Charlotte RussePierre Hardy Vs Charlotte Russe

These are just a few of the shoe copycats we found at Charlotte Russe, and, to be fair to them, none of them are exact replicas (although some are closer copies than others), and when you see them side-by-side, it’s instantly obvious which is the designer shoe and which is the copy. So CR probably aren’t going to find themselves in court over any of these. What do you think, though? Have they gone too far with the “inspiration”, especially with the more visually distinctive shoes, or is it fair game for mass-market retailers to copy designers in this kind of way, given that they’re not passing the shoes off as belonging to the designer brand, and are likely to be targeting very different areas of the market?

Tell us!

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