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Style Trial: Charlotte Olympia Dolly Rainbow-Feathered Pump

Charlotte Olympia Dolly feathered pumps

We love parrots, and we love shoes. But what about shoes that look like parrots?

Well, first of all we can tell you that no ACTUAL parrots died to make these shoes. The uppers are goose feather (er, we can’t really speak for the geese, unfortunately…) dyed in a rainbow of different colours to create this very bright, very, er, different kind of look. We think it would be impossible to wear them without looking like you had your feet inside a couple of dead birds (Sorry for the graphic image, but it’s true…), but then again, we still think of bras as underwear, not outerwear, so we’re very out of touch with these things.

What do you think, jurors: are these completely and utterly awesome, or are they a crime of fashion?

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