Chapeau Claudette make hair slides fit for a princess


The Fashion Police are never knowingly under-dressed (life is just that little bit better if you can do it dressed to the nines, don’t you think?) but we’re not sure even we could get away with wearing these Princess-style hair slides by Chapeau Claudette. Not for day-to-day wear, anyway, or even for an evening out: we’re guessing (hoping?) these were designed for brides, bridesmaids or… people who like to play dress up in their spare time. And by "dress up" we mean "as a Disney princess".

Still, if you do tend to find yourself getting dressed to go out of an evening and thinking "What this outfit needs is a sparkly tiara to finish it off!", you can pick them up at ASOS. But please leave us a comment first, telling us where you’ll be wearing it!

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