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Chain mail sleeves: the height of chivalric chic?


Back in July you may recall the Fashion Police drawing your attention to Philippe Audibert’s singular swarovski crystal glove. While we could see the chain mail resemblance at the time, we found ourselves more emphatically dazzled by the Michael Jackson icon status of the thing.

This time around there’s no disguising the fact that this little number? Is better suited to the battlefield than the red carpet.

While certain officers on the squad are not averse to wearing “sleeves” in order to build up yet another layer against the office air con, the sleeves in question do tend to be donned for practical purposes. Also, warm. And, well, usually a pair.

Not so the Philippe Audibert Tema Swarovski crystal sleeve, which will give you all the glamour of the days of chivalry past, but only on one side. The other arm, well, frankly it’ll just have to go without. Unless you’re willing to shell out another £2,175 for the privilege of balance…

Philippe Audibert Tema Swarovski crystal sleeve, £2,175 from Net-a-Porter.

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