The Oscars

Fashion Police at the 2009 Oscars: Jessica Biel in Prada

  Popular opinion at the moment seems to say that Jessica Biel was the winner of the Worst Dressed award at the 2009 Oscars. The Fashion Police Jury will remain out until we've finished looking at ALL the evidence, but what we will say is that the words "Incredible Marshmallow Woman" sprang into our heads when we looked at this Prada dress, so it's not looking good for Jessica, who also decided to go with strangely stringy looking hair. Not one of our favourites so far.

Fashion Police at the 2009 Oscars: Freida Pinto in John Galliano

  Fighting crimes of fashion doesn’t leave us with a lot of spare time to watch movies, so we only managed to catch Slumdog Millionaire about a week ago, just in time to develop a serious girl-crush on Freida Pinto in time for the Oscars. She’s beautiful in the movie, and also beautiful in this blue dress by John Galliano, but we don’t think the fit is quite right around the waist – a bit of pulling in would’ve been more flattering to Freida’s lovely figure, although she earns Fashion Police points for choosing a colour that wasn’t white (or something similarly pale).

Fashion Police at the 2009 Oscars: Evan Rachel Wood in Elie Saab

  Now that she’s started to give up on being Dita Von Teese’s Mini Me (or has toned down the attempt, at least) Evan Rachel Wood has started to earn her own fashion stripes, and we think she’s going a pretty good job of it in this strapless Elie Saab dress, which is the perfect colour for her pale skin. Loving the red hair, too (but then, we would..)

Fashion Police at the 2009 Oscars: Heidi Klum & Seal

  OK: it's Heidi Klum at the Oscars, it's RM by Roland Mouret, it's a striking, asymmetric shape, and it's an fabulous, dramatic red. So why isn't this quite working for us? Is it just that the Oscars isn't really a "flash yer thighs" kinda ceremony, and Heidi's getting her legs out a little more than is perhaps necessary? No, we don't think so, but while we don't hate this look, we still can't quite put our fingers on why we don't love it, either. Your suggestions welcome. On another note: don't you always feel sorry for men at awards ceremony? Seal, for instance, looks as handsome as ever here, but he looks just like Seal at any other awards ceremony….

Fashion Police at the 2009 Oscars: Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive

  Excuse us for just a moment while we snatch back the "Best Actress in a White Dress" award from Sarah Jessica Parker and give it Anne Hathaway instead. Although, actually, hers is more "silver". Hmm, maybe we could give them both an award? Oh, we don't know: you decide who was best dressed, all we'll say is that while Anne Hathaway may not have won Best Actress, she certainly looked beautiful in this gorgeous Armani Prive dress. We approve…

Fashion Police at the 2009 Oscars: Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior Haute Couture

  And the winner of the "Best Actress in a White Dress" award (trust us, that totally should have been a category) goes to …. Sarah Jessica Parker! Or we think so, anyway, but then, it IS Dior Haute Couture, and that's almost guaranteed to get a thumbs-up from The Fashion Police. In fact, we'd have loved to have gotten married in this gown. Ah well, next time… Edit: we've just realised that this dress is actually a very pale green rather than the white we supposed it to be at first glance. Now we like it even MORE.

Fashion Police at the 2009 Oscars: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

  Well, it could've been worse, given Angelina Jolie's past form on the red carpet, but it also could've been a little more interesting than this nice-but-dull black Elie Saab gown. Just once, we'd love to see Angelina really play up her stunning good looks, rather than trying to play them down, in an absolute show-stopper of a dress. Just once, Angie, for us? Brad, meanwhile, is still working the "little beard" look.

Fashion Police at the 2009 Oscars: Kate Winslet in Yves Saint Laurent

  We’re kicking off our coverage of the 2009 Oscars with the woman of the evening: Best Actress Kate Winslet, who rounded off an impeccably dressed awards season in a blue, one-shouldered Yves Saint Laurent gown with floral embroidery on one side. While at first glance the colour looked a bit drab, we still think she looks wonderful and classy here: cast your vote under the poll, though, to tell us what you thought (or drop us a comment!)

And the Oscar for the Best Dress 2008 goes to… Heidi Klum!

We had a feeling this would happen as soon as we laid eyes on the pictures of Heidi Klum in her stunning red John Galliano dress. Lot of stars wore red on the red carpet this year, but Heidi stood out with the dramatic neckline of the dress framing her perfect hair and makeup. She won 31.2% of the vote (at the time of writing), with Katherine Heigl, another lady in red, in second place. Honorable mentions go to Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Garner, Keri Russell and Helen Mirren, all of whom won the approval of The Fashion Police readers.   

Fashion Police at the 2008 Oscars: Jennifer Hudson, Marion Cotillard

There’s always a smattering of white dresses on the Oscars red carpet, and this year was no exception… There’s nothing bridal about Jennifer Hudson’s Roberto Cavalli gown – again, a nice shape, but it looks to us like her boobs could have been doing with a little more support. Best Actress winner Marion Cotillard, meanwhile, picked a better dress than she did for the BAFTAs, going for this Jean Paul Gaultier gown accessorized with a long necklace. What do you think?

Baby Bumps at the Oscars: Cate Blanchett, Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman

Rarely has there been so many baby bumps on the Oscars red carpet at any one time – are they putting something in the water in Hollywood, we wonder? All three of the pregnant stars above tried to play up their upper bodies, with fellow Aussies Cate Blanchett (wearing Dries Van Noten) and Nicole Kidman (in L’Wren Scott) both went for huge necklaces (with Nicole’s a little too huge, perhaps?), while Jessica Alba (in Marchesa) went for a rather strange flower device, which she may or may not have stolen from Anne Hathaway, who chose the same designer.

Fashion Police at the 2008 Oscars: Ellen Page, Hilary Swank, Jennifer Garner

We’ve looked at the ladies in red, so it’s time now to take a look at some ladies in black, namely Ellen Page, Hilary Swank and Jennifer Garner. Ellen Page kept things characteristically simple in this plain black vintage gown, which is just a little too plain, we think, although we like the way she’s jazzed it up with the long necklace. Red carpet glamour doesn’t seem to be Ellen’s thing, which is fair enough, and she still manages to look cute in this rather drab dress. Hilary Swank, meanwhile, had a bit of a flirtation with the phenomenon that is the "shant" dress, with this Versace gown which has a whole lot of lace built-in. We’re not keen, but…

Fashion Police at the 2008 Oscars: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz can usually be relied on to make some interesting red carpet choices, but this is one we’re not so keen on. The dress is Dior, but while we love the shape, the creases in the fabric make it look a little cheap, and the pale colour looks washed out, even with Cam’s tan. Close, but no Fashion Police badge for you, Cammy…