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      white suit jacket

      Style Stealer: Kristen Stewart’s white trouser suit

      Head-to-toe white is a look that many people describe as “brave” – partly because it’s hard to imagine wearing so much white without spilling something on it (Which would kinda spoil the look, huh?), but also, we suspect, because it’s something of a head-turner. An all-white look is a guaranteed way to stand out in a crowd, even when the outfit itself is as simple as Kristen Stewart’s is here. Kristen was spotted wearing this white trouser suit, paired with a v-neck t-shirt and white patent loafers, while out and about in New York this month. The success of this look is all down to the tailoring: the sharp cut of the jacket and trousers is offset nicely by the…


      Fashion Police at the Duke of Cambridge’s Gala Dinner for the Royal Marsden

      #490220947 / gettyimages.com Our celebrity style suspects partied with none other than the Duke of Cambridge last night, at a charity gala dinner, to raise funds for the Royal Marsden Hospital, of which the Duke and Duchess are patrons. Joining the Duke at Windsor Castle were the likes of Ralph Lauren, Benedick Cumberbatch, Emily Watson, Kate Moss and more. Did they manage to dress themselves in a manner befitting the occasion, though? Well, let’s take a look and see. In the pages which follow, we’ve compiled a dossier of photographic evidence: feel free to page through and give us your comments on each celebrity’s attire. Most importantly, we need to know: Who was the best dressed? And who should be locked…


      STYLE TRIAL | Elizabeth Olsen’s See-Through Dress from the Godzilla premiere

      Elizabeth Olsen at the ‘Godzilla’ European premiere OK, so “see-through” is possibly a bit of an exaggeration here. We can only see-through PART of Elizabeth Olsen’s dress here, and given the kind of thing we’re used to seeing on the red carpet these days, that’s no small thing. With that said, we just don’t think we’re ever going to get fully on board with the “see-through skirt” trend. Because we’re old, presumably (just thought we’d get that out there to save you the trouble..). To us, though, this kind of look will also look like a wardrobe malfunction: as if the poor starlet got dressed, but forgot to put on the petticoat which was supposed to go with the dress….

      Kim Kardashian

      Style Trial | Kim Kardashian’s off-white ensemble for the USC Shoah Foundation 20th Anniversary Gala

      Kim Kardashian at the USC Shoah Foundation 20th Anniversary Gala Did you know Kim Kardashian is about to get married? Kim Kardashian is about to get married. And last night she got in some practice by wearing this bridal-inspired all-white ensemble to the the USC Shoah Foundation 20th Anniversary Gala. You can’t see from these photos, but the skirt has a very long train, so she’d have been able to get in some practice walking down the aisle in it for sure. For us, the most amazing this about this look is that Kim has obviously picked out a facial expression to go with the outfit, and she rigidly maintained it all night as far as we can tell. Seriously, we’ve examined…

      eva green

      Style Trial | Eva Green’s Elie Saab black and white mesh jumpsuit

      Actress Eva Green wore this unusual black and white jumpsuit to the world premiere of Penny Dreadful in New York last night: we want to know what you think of it? This is from the Elie Saab Resort 2014 collection, and features a black mesh top, attached to a white jumpsuit with wide sleeves. The trousers, meanwhile, are equally wide, and it would appear poor Eva was the unfortunate victim of that dastardly fashion criminal, The Foot Snatcher, because we can’t see her feet at all. Now we know why the Elie Saab presentation showed this collection in motion: an outfit like this is designed to flow, and we’re guessing it would probably look better with a bit of movement…

      celebrities at the MET Costume Institute Gala 2014

      Fashion Police at the MET Costume Institute Gala 2014

      #488352219 / gettyimages.com Last night saw fashion’s elite assemble on the red carpet for the Charles James: Beyond Fashion’ Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: or “the MET Costume Institute Gala”, as we’ll be calling it for the sake of simplicity. The MET Gala is our favourite red carpet event: it’s not quite “fancy dress”, but the themed nature of the evening allows celebrities and designers to give free reign to their imaginations, so, unlike the Oscars, say, which have become somewhat dull in recent years, the MET Costume Institute Gala provides us with plenty of outrageous and inventive outfits to feast our eyes upon. Because celebrities have the “dressing to a theme” excuse, it’s hard to accuse…


      Best Dressed of the Week

      Before we get on to this week’s Best Dressed contest, let’s take a quick look at last week’s winner: Kate Upton, in this gorgeous black dress… Kate was actually our pick for Best Dressed out of last week’s selection, too, so what can we say: our readers obviously have impeccable taste! Now to decide who was the best dressed celebrity THIS week! As you page through the style suspects below, you’ll be given the option to vote each celebrity either “innocent” or “guilty” of committing crimes of fashion, on a sliding scale of 1 -10, with 10 being the best dressed, and 1 being the worst. Once you’ve cast your vote, just scroll down the page to see the winners,…


      Style Stealer | Frankie Sanford’s (The Saturdays) bright yellow Zara coat

      Zara yellow piqué coat, £79.99 We loved this bright yellow coat when we spotted it on the Zara website a couple of weeks ago, and we love it even more now that we’ve had the opportunity to see it in action, as worn by Frankie of The Saturdays to the Kiss FM studios last week: (For those of you who’ve never heard of Frankie Sanford or The Saturdays, she’s the one in the bright yellow coat. Obviously.) This is a lightweight coat, suitable for the current season, and we love the 60s-style stand-up collar, and the causal-but-cool style. We also love the colour: yellow (especially bright yellows like this one) is a shade a lot of people hesitate to wear, fearing…


      Best Dressed of the Week

      As the week draws to a close, it’s time to put on your Fashion Police Juror hats, and decide which celebrity was the Best Dressed of the Week. To crown your Queen of Style, all you have to do is take a look at the images before and decide whether the celebrity in the photo is Innocent or Guilty of committing crimes of fashion. You vote on a sliding scale, with 10 being the highest possible fashion accolade, and 1 being the mark of a true fashion criminal. Once a few of you have voted, the contestants will automatically be ranked in a list at the bottom of the post (or that’s the idea, anyway!), with the Best Dressed of…


      STYLE STEALER | Jennifer Hudson’s polka dot skirt and red heels

      We loved this polka dot pencil skirt/ red heels outfit, which Jennifer Hudson wore to a charity event in London last week. On paper, this might not sound like anything to write home about, but this is the kind of classic look which never really goes out of fashion, and which has tons of impact, despite its simplicity. Polka dots and red shoes always create a vaguely retro feel, but we love the way Jennifer has given this look a contemporary feel with the slouchy t-shirt and zip-front coat. She looks effortlessly elegant, with the bright red lips providing the perfect finishing touch to an outfit which could be easily adapted to a variety of different occasions. If you want…


      IMPORTANT! There is nothing wrong with Elsa Pataky’s baby bump! We are not the E! Network! Everyone calm down!

      [We posted this on Facebook earlier today, but wanted to put it here too, just so we don’t miss anyone…] It’s come to our attention that, yet again, the E! Network “Fashion Police” show has brought the Fashion Police name into disrepute by apparently mocking Elsa Pataky’s baby bump on air. We’re getting a bit of abuse on Twitter about this (This has extended to people asking if our Twitter account should be shut down: things like this could obviously have quite serious implications for our brand and business, and it’s really disturbing to us that people will do things like this without checking to make sure they’re targeting the right person…), so we just want to clarify once again…


      Fashion Police at the 2014 Oscars | 86th Academy Awards Red Carpet Gallery

      It’s the 2014 Oscars, everyone! On the morning after the 86th Academy Awards, it’s time to take a look back at the red carpet dresses, and decide which stars deserve a Fashion Police gold star for their efforts, and which could be accused of committing crimes of fashion. At a time when red carpet fashion is becoming increasingly tame, we thought the 2014 Oscars provided a particularly “safe” collection of dresses, with very few to either wow us or cause us to reach for the cuffs. Our personal choice for Best Dressed would be Best Supporting Actress winner, Lupita Nyong’o, who was a vision in pale blue Prada, with a matching headband. As always, however, we leave it up to you…


      Gwyneth Paltrow attracts Fashion Police attention at Iron Man 3 premiere

      When it comes to being over-exposed on the red carpet, Gwyneth Paltrow is… let’s just say she’s known to us. She has priors, basically. Her appearance at last night’s Iron Man 3 premiere in Los Angeles, however, was revealing even for Gwynie: It’s an “illusion dress”: both in the sense that the white section at the front creates the illusion of a slimmer figure (not that Gwyneth needs to look slimmer, we hasten to add), and in the sense that when you just see it from the front, it creates the illusion of not being a complete crime of fashion. Alas, when she turns to the side, the illusion is ruined and the whole look becomes about her bare ass. Awesome. This…

      Gold statuettes at the Oscars 2013

      Fashion Police at the Oscars 2013: red carpet roundup

      We fear the age of celebrity stylists has made the Oscars boring. Gone are the days of Bjork in a swan dress or Celine Dion in a back-to-front tuxedo: these are the days of (mostly) immaculate hair and makeup, and very few risks. You could say that was a good thing, of course. The Fashion Police had to make very few arrests at the Oscars 2013, which technically means that most people were “well dressed”. It does make it all a bit dull, though, doesn’t it? Fashion Police at the Oscars 2013: red carpet roundup You’ll find the full gallery from the Oscars 2013 red carpet at the bottom of this post. Before you get to it, though, some very…

      Heidi Klum in a low cut gold dress

      Fashion Police at the 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

      For everyone who doesn’t get invited to the Academy Awards, there is the Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party. And for everyone who thought the Oscars 2013 red carpet was just a tad boring, there is Paz Vega: Paz Vega at the  Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party Seriously, the shoes are worthy of an entire post on their own, aren’t they? Hell, the RUFFLES are worthy of their own post. WHY wasn’t Paz Vega at the Oscars? If everyone had dressed like this, we might have needed a little less coffee… Meanwhile, for everyone who thought the Oscars were just a little too CLASSY, here are Heidi Klum’s breasts: Heidi Klum at the  Annual Elton…

      Little Mix on the red carpet at the Brit Awards 2013

      Fashion Police at the Brit Awards 2013

      Last night, celebrities rolled up to the O2 Arena in London for the Brit Awards 2013. The Brits are traditionally one of the awards ceremonies at which The Fashion Police make most arrests. For reasons we don’t quite understand, while the other awards shows tend to bring out the best in the celebrities who walk their red carpets (Or MOST of them, anyway…), the Brits… doesn’t. Was this year better or worse than usual in the style stakes? Let’s take a look and see… Little Mix at the Brit Awards 2013 The Brit Awards 2013: Arrivals… The photo above more or less sums up this year’s Brits fashion for us. This is Little Mix: a band formed for The X-Factor,…

      Elle Style Awards

      Fashion Police at the Elle Style Awards 2013

      Elle Style Awards 2013 After the snoozefest that was the 2013 BAFTA Awards, we had high hopes for the Elle Style Awards 2013, and luckily we weren’t disappointed. Being a Style Awards, you’d naturally expect the celebrity suspects in attendance to be a little more, well, stylish than those at other awards ceremonies, who, to be fair, are normally actors and musicians, who may or may not have any interest in style. Actually, though, this isn’t always the case, and sometimes we find style awards to be even more chock-full of fashion criminals than any other red carpet event. Strange, but true. Happily, however, the officers in attendance at the Elle Style Awards found themselves handing out more Gold Stars…

      2013 BAFTA Awards

      Fashion Police at the 2013 BAFTA Awards: red carpet

      2013 BAFTA Awards YAWN. Well, it wasn’t the most exciting red carpet we’ve ever seen, was it? For the 2013 BAFTA Awards in London last night, most people seemed to be obeying some kind of unspoken “black or white” rule (or at least, the ones our agency decided to photograph were, anyway. Marion Cotillard, for instance, looked amazing in bright yellow, but, of course, we didn’t get a photo of her…). Perhaps the monochrome trend is more powerful than we knew? What this meant, of course, was that anyone who dared to wear a brighter colour instantly stood out from the crowd. Step forward, Jessica Chastain, in brilliant blue: Great colour for her hair and skin tone, and kudos to…


      Fashion Police at the Grammy Awards 2013: arrivals

      The Grammy Awards 2013 The Oscars may be the awards ceremony of the year, but when it comes to crimes of fashion, the Grammys are always the ones to watch. When the music world’s finest gather on the red carpet, you’re almost guaranteed to see some serious fashion fails mixed in with those gorgeous gowns. You can see our roundup of suspects from the Grammy Awards 2013 in the gallery below, but here are some of the stand-out fashion moments: When Angelina Jolie first patented “The Leg” at last year’s Oscars, it was pretty funny. When everyone started to copy her, however, it was pretty embarrassing. And when J.Lo is STILL doing it a year later, in a desperate bid to show…

      Kate Middleton portrait

      Kate Middleton portrait helps sell French Connection tops

        Let’s talk about that Kate Middleton portrait for a second, shall we? Now, we don’t advocate body/face snarking. At all. In fact, we find it totally depressing when we ask the ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police Jury what they think of a celebrity outfit, and get a bunch of comments on their face/figure/how old they look, etc, etc. These are things the celebrities (mostly) can’t do much about, you see, and as for the “OMG SHE LOOKS SO OLD!” comments, well, people get old. It happens. It’ll even happen to you one day, if you’re lucky. In this case, though, we feel no compunction about commenting on Kate Middleton’s face because, well, THAT ISN’T KATE MIDDLETON’S FACE,…

      Jennifer Lopez 2013 Golden Globes

      GALLERY: Fashion Police at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

      It’s here! The Golden Globe Awards is one of the busiest nights in the Fashion Police calendar, and our officers have been working tirelessly for – well, let’s just say minutes at least – to round up the celebrity suspects in attendance at last night’s events. We’ve already singled out Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore and Lucy Liu in earlier posts: now here’s the best – and worst – of the rest of the Golden Globes red carpet. These celebrities stand before you, shaking in their stilettos as they wait to find out whether you’ll deem them to be fashion criminals, or whether you’ll find them innocent of all charges. So tell us… Who was your best and worst dressed celebrity at the 2013…


      Fashion Police at the 2013 Golden Globes: Anne Hathaway in Chanel Couture

        Love it. We’ve got to hand it to Anne Hathaway: we may not have loved everything she’s worn in the run-up to award seasons, but she really pulled it out of the bag for the Golden Globes, and looked absolutely stunning in this white Chanel Couture gown. Anne often reminds us of Audrey Hepburn, especially with her shorter hair, but never more so than here, in a dress Audrey herself would’ve been proud of. Unsurprisingly, she took home the ‘Best Supporting Actress” Globe for her role in Les Miserables: should she be named Best Dressed, too? [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Fashion Police at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards: Julianne Moore in Tom Ford

      Fashion Police at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards: Julianne Moore in Tom Ford

        Julianne Moore’s performance in Game Change won her the Golden Globe for Best Performance in a Miniseries or Television Film last night, but did her Tom Ford dress win her any Best Dressed plaudits from the Fashion Police officers, we wonder? Well, we wouldn’t go quite that far, but Julianne always looks elegant on the red carpet, and this was a safe, albeit striking choice.  She teamed her simple sheath dress with a sleek updo and a slash of bright pink lipstick. What did you think of her look?

      Lucy Liu Golden Globe Awards 2013

      Fashion Police at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards: Lucy Liu

      OK, we’re just going to say it: we actually really liked Lucy Liu’s Golden Globes 2013 look. No, we’re serious. This Carolina Herrera floral number seems to have made it into most of the Worst Dressed Lists this morning: so far we’ve seen it described as “grandma’s drapes” and “a dress made out of wallpaper, plus numerous references to “toilet roll dolls”, but we’re going to be contrary and say we thought it was a breath of fresh air after all of the shiny sequins and boring blacks we normally see at these kind of events. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and we think she totally works it. Do you? Fashion crime or floral fabulous? [Image © HFPA/Golden Globe Awards]

      Taylor Swift

      GALLERY: Fashion Police at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards

      It’s award season, police cadets. That means late nights, lots of coffee and enough dresses to make you feel dizzy. For us, we mean. For the celebrities attending these events it means dressing up pretty and posing on the red carpet: tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Unfortunately for them, it also means joining our Fashion Police lineup, and having our officers decide whether or not they’re committing crimes of fashion or not. Nail-biting, we’re sure. Awards season kicks off this year with the 2013 People’s Choice Awards, attended by Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and a whole host of other celebrities, some better dressed than others. You’ll find the full list of winners below, but of course, we’re…

      Lea Michele's bright yellow outfit

      Style Trial: Lea Michele’s bright yellow look

      Canary yellow is one of those colours that people normally describe as a “brave” choice when someone attempts to dress in it. And we all know that “brave” is just another word for “crazy” in fashion-speak. We don’t know about you, but if someone told us we were “brave” for wearing a certain outfit, we’d probably want to run home and change it. Well, we’re not THAT brave, after all. Wearing something this bright definitely isn’t “brave” in the sense that jumping into the ocean to rescue a drowning kitten is “brave”, say, but it certainly takes a bit of confidence. Luckily, confidence isn’t something Lea Michele lacks, so her choice of this yellow skirt and jacket, worn to the…

      celebrity fashion

      Anna Hathaway, Jessica Chastain & Amanada Seyfried’s red carpet looks

      Anne Hathaway continues to fascinate us with her choice of outfits for her Les Miserables promotional activities: we may not have exactly loved everything she’s worn over the past few weeks (That “shower curtain” dress, as one of our readers dubbed it, springs to mind, for instance…), but at least she’s never boring, eh? For last night’s 2013 National Board of Review Awards Gala, Anne went for a simple black trouser suit, fancied up with a bow-necked blouse and some strappy sandals. Co-star Amanda Seyfriend, meanwhile, went for a midi-length halter dress by Bottega Veneta: while Jessica Chastain took us back to black with a simple-but-effective Alexander McQueen column dress with gold collar: Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain are both up for…

      Zooey Deschanel

      Zooey Deschanel wears Naeem Khan, says you don’t have to be skinny

       [PRPhotos.com] So pretty. So girlie. So floral. So Zooey. Zooey Deschanel wore this black and white Naeem Khan floral print prom dress to last night’s TCA Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, where she answered questions from the audience on the meaning of her name (she must get tired of that one, huh?), and looked cute in her usual Zooey style. People tend to describe Zooey’s look as “vintage”, which is a kinda meaningless term (especially when applied to decidedly NON-vintage, pre-Fall 2013 designer dress) given that “vintage” could refer to any style of clothing, from any decade in the history of fashion, but in this case, she’s gone for a 60s-influenced look, especially when combined with the hair and makeup….

      Kerry Washington's in Louis Vuitton at the Django Unchained Berlin photocall

      Django Unchained photocall: Kerry Washington in Louis Vuitton

      This isn’t the type of outfit just anyone could wear. The giant bow hair accessory is super-cute… but could look really childish if you weren’t very careful. The dress, meanwhile, is a great shape, with a great print, but the combination of long sleeves, high neck, loose fit and midi-length hem is a great way to look instantly frumpy… if you weren’t very careful. White, pointed toe stilettos, meanwhile? We still tend to associate them with the so-called “Essex girls” of the 80s – no offence to anyone from Essex (who was alive in the 80s) who happens to be reading this. So no: this isn’t the type of outfit just anyone could wear. Kerry Washington can, though. And not only can…

      Emma Stone photos

      Gangster Squad premiere: Emma Stone wears a red dress and heels

        Emma Stone has dyed her hair blonde again. We prefer her natural red (we’re biased) but she definitely made up for the lack of red in her hair with this all-red ensemble, worn to the L.A. premiere of Gangster Squad last night. Emma wore a dress by Lanvin, heels by Christian Louboutin and an oversized necklace which tied in nicely with the jewel on her belt. Matchy-matchy madness or monochrome magnificence: which is it?

      Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

      Style Trial: Kim Kardashian’s NYE outfit

      The news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their first baby together (What’s the bet the baby’s name will also start with the letter K?) doesn’t seem to have had any impact on Kim’s fashion sense so far. It’s too soon for any sign of a bump  of course, but we’ll be interested to see how she deals with the challenges of maternity wear, not to mention how soon we can expect to see a Kardashian maternity line hit the stores. In the meantime, Kim’s still making the most of her incredible figure, wearing this revealing mesh number to ring in the New Year. Is it a crime of fashion, though? It’s up to you to decide…  

      Cate Blanchett

      Suspects’ Lineup, featuring Cate Blanchett, Megan Fox and more

      It’s (probably) our last Supect’s Lineup before the holidays, so unless you want to see Fashion Criminals free to roam the streets over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to need to step up, examine the evidence, and tell us which of these celebrities are guilty, and which are innocent of all charges. Ready? Go! [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Amanda Seyfried at the New York premiere of Les Miserables

      Style Trial: Amanda Seyfried at the New York premiere of Les Miserables

      Princess Leia is probably best remembered for the “double-bun” hairdo she rocks for most of the 1st (of the original) Star Wars movie, but we actually preferred her hairdo in the final scene of the movie. You know, where she’s handing out medals to Luke and Han, and she has her hair in this giant pleat right on top of her head? That’s what we thought of when we saw these photos of Amanda Seyfried at the New York premiere of Les Miserables. Now it’s all we can think of. We’ll let you discuss Amanda’s actual outfit amongst yourselves then: we’ll just sit here and Google Princess Leia pictures… [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Anne Hathaway at the New York premiere of Les Miserables

      Style Trial: Anne Hathaway at the New York premiere of Les Miserables

      Well, this really wasn’t what we were expecting when we opened a case file marked “Anne Hathaway at the New York premiere of Les Miserables”. Seriously, most of the officers who commented on Anne’s “part bedsheet/part shower curtain” outfit from last week thought it was bad enough, and yet here’s one which is Binbag Batwoman from the back, and gothic gladiator from the front. Actually, those gladiator sandals/boots/whatever they are, are the real reason this outfit surprised us so much. We really thought we’d managed to successfully wipe out those things last time they surfaced, just a few years ago. Is a new gladiator crime wave about to begin? [More Anne Hathaway photos here]

      Taylor Swift in Kate Spade Carolyn dress

      Style Stealer: Taylor Swift in Kate Spade’s striped ‘Carolyn’ dress

      [PRPhotos.com] It’s Taylor Swift, everyone! Looking… well, exactly like she always does! We jest, of course: we’ve defended Taylor before on the charge of being “too boring”, and we stand by our opinion that it’s unreasonable to expect celebrities (or anyone else, really) to be constantly changing their looks, chameleon-like. People don’t do that in “real life”, after all, in which most people work out what they like, and then more or less stick to it, so we don’t see why Taylor Swift should be any different. Especially when she looks so darn cute, with her bright red lips and her striped silk dress. The dress is Kate Spade’s ‘Carolyn’ dress, and we think it’s the perfect blend of classic…

      Kristen Stewart at the 4th Annual Governors Awards

      Style Trial: Kristen Stewart at the 4th Annual Governors Awards

      Yes, we’re still on Kristen Stewart watch. Don’t ask us why, but for some reason we’re fascinated by K-Stew and her red carpet adventures, which sometimes go very, very wrong, while other times she gets it more-or-less right. Which is it this time? Kristen is wearing a  Talbot Runhof floor-length dress, which is considerably more restrained than some of her recent outfits – in fact, she could probably walk into the Downton Abbey drawing room in this, without causing too much of a scandal. Does that make it too matronly, do you think, or is just nice to see her in a dress we can’t see her shapewear through for a change? [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Amy Poehler

      Fashion Police at The Trevor Project’s 2012 Trevor Live! with Katy Perry, Anna Kendrick and more

      Last night a small, but perfectly-dressed, collection of celebrities attended The Trevor Project’s 2012 Trevor Live! at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. When we describe them as “perfectly dressed”, however, well, we’re possibly just being polite. Taste is, of course, completely subjective, and on this chilly December morning we want to hear all about yours. In other words, are the celebrities in the gallery committing any crimes of fashion, or is it safe to let them walk free? [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Selita Ebanks

      Suspect’s Lineup, featuring Kary Perry and Selena Gomez

      Don’t be fooled by the relative sophistication of the two outfits above, police cadets (we say “relative” – we’re pretty sure we could see Katy Perry’s underwear if we looked hard enough. Then again, we thought it was Morticia Adams at first, so maybe we’ve just had too much coffee…): this week saw some “Interesting” outfits from our celebrity suspects, including one young lady dressed in what may or may not be a Christmas tree. We’ll leave it up to you to see if you can work out which one we’re talking about. Here’s your Suspect’s Lineup: your job, as always, is to separate the fashion criminals from the fashionistas. Have fun! [Images: PRPhotos.com]


      Suspect’s Lineup featuring Rihanna in stripes

      It was another slow week in Fashion Land, but these photos of Rihanna switching on the Westfield Stratford City Christmas lights in London more than make up for the small turnout in the rest of the gallery, don’t you think? It’s almost like she WANTS to be arrested: well, she’s already wearing an inmates uniform… Happy Friday, everyone: have a great weekend! [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Lindsay Lohan "Liz & Dick" Los Angeles Premiere -

      Style Trial: Lindsay Lohan at the ‘Liz and Dick’ L.A. premiere

      It’s far from the first time Lindsay Lohan has gone up on trial, so we figured she wouldn’t mind a quick Style Trial here at The Fashion Police. In fact, it might even make for a refreshing change, who knows? With the obvious jokes out of the way, we’re going to risk ridicule by going ahead and admitting we think Li-Lo looks pretty darn good here. We’re thrilled (Well, as thrilled as you can be when you’re talking about something that has no actual relevance to your life at all, obviously…) to see her hair back to its natural red: or close to its natural red, anyway – it’s been so long since we saw Lindsay’s real colour we’ve forgotten…

      Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

      The Kristen Stewart fashion show continues…

        The Fashion Police jury is still out on Kristen Stewart and her outfit choices from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 round of premiere’s and photocalls. It seems that while some of you are absolutely loving the looks, and think that Kristen has never looked better, others hate them, with the type of fiery hatred we haven’t seen since… well, which we haven’t really seen, to be completely honest. Why does Kristen so polarize opinion? Well, we suspect some of the opinions have more to do with the lady herself than the things she’s been wearing lately, but to help those of you who’re still on the fence make up your minds, here are two more outfits from the Breaking…


      Fashion Police at the 2012 American Music Awards

      Last night a group of celebrity suspects got all dressed up and headed to L.A.’s Nokia theatre for the 2012 American Music Awards. Each of the celebrities in the lineup below is suspected of committing crimes of fashion. It’s your job to study the evidence before you and decide who’s guilty as charged, and who should walk free. Go! [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Heidi Klum

      Suspect’s Lineup: Celebrity Fashion from this week

      Much of the celebrity fashion action of this week has centred around the two Twilight premieres, which we covered here and here. There were just a few photos left over, though, so your Friday afternoon task as Fashion Police officers-in-training is to sort through the mugshots in the gallery and identify which suspects need a citation, and which should be allowed to walk free. And yes, we’re featuring Kristen again. We’re strangely fascinated with what she’ll wear next… [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Keira Knightley at the L.A. premiere of Anna Karenina

      Gold Star: Keira Knightley at the L.A. premiere of Anna Karenina

      We have to admit to not always being Keira Knightley‘s biggest advocates, style-wise – and particularly when it comes to her strange habit of baring her ribcage at every possible opportunity. We also have to admit that she looked absolutely stunning at the L.A. premiere of Anna Karenina this week, wearing this gorgeous, custom-made Erdem gown: so much so that we’ve decided to award her the coveted Fashion Police Gold Star for style. This is as much for the hair and makeup as it is for the dress, though: that eyeliner is headed straight to Pinterest, so we can remember to try and copy it soon… [More Keira Knightley pictures]

      Maggie Grace

      Fashion Police at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2 world premiere

      There was a huge turnout at the Nokia L.A. Live Theatre in L.A. last night for the world premiere of the final instalment of The Twilight Saga, a.k.a. Breaking Dawn part 2. Star of the show, Kristen Stewart, attempted to divert attention from her relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson by wearing an “is she naked under that?!” dress. The answer is that no, she’s not: it just looks a bit like it on first glance. What do you think of this look, Fashion Police jurors? And what about the rest of the attendees? Take a look at the gallery and pass your judgement in the comments section below… [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Elle Fanning

      Best Dressed of the Week

      To round off your week, we have a rather eclectic mix of celebrity outfits for you to pass judgement upon. All of the women standing before you would like to be named Best Dressed of the Week. Only one will emerge victorious. It’s like The Hunger Games, only without all of the, well, death. Who will it be? [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Pride Of Britain Awards

      Best Dressed of the Week

      It’s Friday! And while for most of us, that means it’s time to start winding down (or winding UP, as the case may be) for the weekend, for the celebrities who walked the red carpet this week, it’s time to nervously line up in our gallery and be judged on their sartorial decisions. Are they fashion criminals, or will they be deemed the best dressed of the week? We’re about to find out… Take a look at the gallery, Fashion Jurors, and then cast your vote: who was the best dressed of the week?  [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Debra Messing in fancy dress

      Halloween Costume Roundup: Celebrities in Fancy Dress

      Last night, as we’re sure we don’t need to tell you, was the one night in the year when The Fashion Police take a night off from our duties, and it’s permissible – and even expected – to look like a fashion criminal. Here are some celebrity Halloween costumes, from the 17th Annual Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project’s Hulaween Benefit: we’ll try to add some more if we can! [Images: PRPhotos.com]  

      Jessica Ennis

      Fashion Police at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2012

      Last night saw Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2012 take place in London, with Kelly Osbourne being named Ultimate Style Icon. We think we’ll let our Fashion Police jurors be the judges of that one though, so take a look at the arrival photos below and tell us: is Kelly a deserving winner, based on last night’s outfits alone, or do you feel another celebrity should have taken that particular prize? (Oh, and in a bid to prevent some of the crazier comments we always get on any post featuring Kelly Osbourne, let us remind you: we’re not THAT Fashion Police. We have no connection to the E! Network, so we can’t pass on your hate mail!) [Images: PRPhotos.com]

      Amanda Seyfried

      Best Dressed of the Week

      The Fashion Police may be in the business of locking up fashion criminals, but we also like to give credit where it’s due, and so today we’re giving you the opportunity to decide who wins the Best Dressed of the Week Award. (Er, there is no actual reward. Your approval will be reward enough for the chosen celebrity…) Now, in placing this gallery before you, we first of all want to stress that you should not take any celebrity’s presence in it as an indication of TFP’s approval. We’ve selected these photos from the week gone by purely at random, and we pass no judgement on them at all. Because that’s your job. So tell us: who was the best…


      Style Trial: Kylie Minogue in gingham at the Q Awards

      [Images: PRPhotos.com] We’re not entirely sure how we managed to miss this, but the Q Awards took place in London this week, and Kylie Minogue rocked up in this unusual gingham number, which looks a bot like something took a bite out of her shoulder and she was forced to quickly patch up the hole with a piece of mis-matched fabric. We love Kylie, but we can’t allow our personal feelings get in the way when it comes to fighting crimes of fashion, so we must ask you: is Kylie committing one here?

      Elizabeth Moss in short-shorts

      Style Trial: Elizabeth Moss in short-shorts

      January Jones wasn’t the only Mad Men star to walk the, er, black carpet at the Paley Centre last night: co-star Elizabeth Moss was also in attendance, wearing a pair of short, tailored shorts with a matching jacket and orange shirt. Elizabeth has seemed to be having a little more fun with her outfits since giving her hair the chop earlier this year: what do you think of this particular look? [Images: PRPhtos.com]

      Fashion Police at Elle’s 19th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration

      [Images: PRPhotos.com] We’ve already shown you what Lea Michele, Uma Thurman and Elle Fanning wore to Elle’s Women in Hollywood celebration last night, so here’s the best of the rest. Or possibly the worst of the rest, depending on your point of view. Speaking of bests and worsts, though, it’s your job to look at the suspects and work out which is which, so take a look at the gallery and give us your verdicts in the comments section!

      Elle Fanning and Uma Thurman

      Worrying Celebrity Fashion Trends: Elle Fanning and Uma Thurman try to make shresses happen

      [Images: PRPhotos.com] Whoops! Can you believe Uma Thurman and Elle Fanning BOTH turned up to Elle’s ‘Women in Hollywood’ celebration with their slips showing? OK, not really. They did both turn up wearing something we hesitate to call a “trend”, because we really hope it isn’t about to become one, but given that there were two examples of it on show at this event alone, we’re raising the alert anyway. We’re referring, of course, to the sheer black dress with the white under-layer. For us, this is probably always going to look like the kind of accident that can easily be avoided by wearing flesh-coloured underwear under black clothes, but which we suspect other sections of the fashion world will…

      Lea Michele at Elle’s 19th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration

      Style Trial: Lea Michele at Elle’s 19th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration

      [Images: PRPhotos.com]  Any time our officers come across one of those “dresses” that requires the use of inverted commas around the word, because it’s really just a fancy bodysuit with a net curtain slung over the top, they find themselves wondering: who would wear such a thing? Today we at last have an answer to that question: Lea Michele would wear such a thing. To Elle’s 19th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration, no less. Is Lea committing a crime of fashion, though? Does the fact that it’s a particularly fancy bodysuit, covered with a particularly elaborate curtain, make up for the fact that she’s out in public in something that most of us would class as lingerie? Does the “if ya got…

      January Jones

      Emmys Roundup: the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards red carpet

      The 2012 Emmy Awards have been and gone, and yet here we are, still talking about them. Well, that’s how long it took us to wash the eyeball bleach out of our eyes. No, we’re joking: the truth is that our image agency has only just gotten around to delivering the red carpet images, so let’s not waste any more time talking, and get on with the important business of fashion policing, shall we? Tell us: who are the fashion criminals in this lineup? [Images: PRPhotos.com]