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Celebrity Style on Trial: Torso-baring dresses

Recently, Fashion Police officers have been getting reports of a new celebrity fashion trend. We call it The Torso Dress. Here it is in action, on Carey Mulligan:

[Image: Bello/Fame Pictures]

At first glance, we kind of liked this. She’s one of those cute-as-a-button women who can look good in pretty much everything, and we also want to steal her shoes. Confiscate them, we mean. Confiscate. For their own safety.

Then we took a closer look:

[Image: Bello/Fame Pictures]

Hmm. Well, OK, she’s got the abs for it, we’ll give her that. Do we really need to see them, though? We just don’t think we do, somehow. Let’s give Carey the benefit of the doubt for now, though, and move on to our second example of the Torso Dress, this time worn by Nicola Roberts:

[Image: PRPhotos.com]

We’ve always quite liked Nicola, mostly for her refusal to bow to the pressure to “get a tan“, and match her occasionally-orange Girls Aloud bandmates. While her solo career hasn’t quite taken off yet, though, she’s also now being lauded by some sections of the fashion press for her “brave” – yes, there’s that word again! – fashion choices: this Topshop Unique dress being one of them.

Unfortunately, this photo is too small to really show the detail of the dress, but you don’t have to look too closely to see that it’s another example of the Torso Dress, with the bodice merely two triangular pieces of fabric, held together with a piece of string.

What do you think of this look, Fashion Police jury? Given that men don’t typically go bare-chested on the red carpet – or anywhere else in “polite” society, we tend to find it a little odd when women do it: or maybe it’s just that if we HAD to expose one part of the body, our abs probably wouldn’t be the part we’d choose.

Innocent or Guilty? 

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