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Celebrity Style on Trial: Kirsten Dunst’s demi-shress

So, we pretty much all agreed that Kirsten Dunst DONE GOOD last week with that gorgeous yellow dress. In fact, we were so impressed with the dress in question that we awarded Kirsten the Gold Star.

Then she had to go and spoil it all with this DEMI SHRESS.

As you know, The Fashion Police just can’t get on board with the shress, whether demi or otherwise. In fact, sometimes we think a half-shress can look even worse than a full one. At least if the dress is sheer from top to bottom, you know where you stand with it. Sure, it looks bad, but you have to give it some kind of credit for making the commitment to looking bad: to owning its sheerness. It’s see through, it knows it is, and it doesn’t care.

The half-hearted nature of the demi-shress, on the other hand, gives it a bit of an accidental feel. It starts to look less like a fashion choice (albeit a bad one) and more like a wardrobe malfunction in which our hapless celebrity intended to wear a slip with the dress, but forgot. Or the dress wasn’t actually supposed to be sheer in the first place, but was simply rendered so by the sun, or by the photographer’s flash, or whatever.

Such, we feel, is the fate of Kirsten Dunst, in this instance.

What do you think, though?


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