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Celebrity Style on Trial: Ginnifer Goodwin in Roksanda Ilincic at Comic Con

Quite a few celebrity outfits have jumped up and slapped us square in the face this week, but none so much as this  Roksanda Ilincic dress, worn by Ginnifer Goodwin to Comic Con.

Now, the colour of this is what the fashion press would probably describe as “brave”. “Oh, she’s so brave!” they will coo. Or “She really knows how to take risks!” Those statements always make us smile, because, honestly, it’s a dress we’re talking about: she’s wearing clothes, not scaling Mount Everest. Still, we will concede that it takes a certain amount of guts to wear a colour as bright as this one – it’s a shade more commonly seen on construction workers than on the red carpet, but we actually think Ginnifer pulls it off here.

About that black patch in the middle of her stomach, though.. What IS that?

Is it like a bum bag/fanny pack? Does she have her cellphone and lipstick in there? We have no idea. We do love her hair, though.

What do you say? Is this dress Innocent or Guilty of committing crimes of fashion?

[Image: Fame]
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