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Celebrity Style on Trial: Eva Herzigova’s top/dress at the Copard Party in Cannes

Celebrity Style on Trial: Eva Herzigova's top/dress at the Copard Party in Cannes

In the world of fashion, there is a certain school of thought which says that if ya got it, you may as well flaunt it.

There’s also another school of thought, however, which says that if your dress could easily be mistaken for a long-ish top, you may well end up flaunting a whole lot more than you bargained for.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Eva Herzigova has GOT IT. We think we might be about to see “it”, too, if she just leans forward a little. This makes us suspect that Eva may well be committing a fashion crime here, and getting away with it purely on account of the got it/flaunt it rule.

SHOULD she get away with it? Where do you stand on the issue of dresses that look like tops? Should we get the cuffs out?

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