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Celebrity Style on Trial: Chloe Sevigny

It’s Chloe Sevigny, everyone! She’s here to show us all how to dress!

It’s OK, we’re just kidding: phew! Chloe actually stands before you On Trial. We want you, the ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police jury, to help us decide, once and for all, whether Chloe is the modern-day fashion icon the fashion press would like us to believe she is, or whether she is, in fact, merely another fashion victim, attacked by trends and duped into believing that if you can call an outfit “edgy” THAT MAKES IT OK.

Here are some pieces of evidence.

For the prosecution:

Animal print drop-crotch pants. The prosecution rests, having also drawn your attention to the image at the top of the page, featuring the peep toe boot rule.

For the defence:

So, this is quite nice. For Chloe. The fact that we have to add the phrase “for Chloe” onto the sentence speaks volumes, however.

We’ve prepared a full dossier of evidence, which we present below. Feel free to take a look and let us know whether you find Chloe Sevigny guilty or innocent of committing crimes of fashion.

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