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Celebrity Style on Trial: Cate Blanchett’s questionable shiny Giorgio Armani Prive suit

Cate Blanchett attends the 64th annual Tony Awards on June 13, 2010 in New York City (photo by: Jack Shea/ Meet The Famous). Photo via Newscom
Cate Blanchett always pushes the envelope when it comes to red carpet fashion, but we wonder if she pushed it a bit too far at the Tony Awards. The super shiny, super tight Giorgio Armani Prive pantsuit gives off a cartoonishly futuristic vibe. Especially when worn with pointy white satin platforms and nothing underneath the blazer but a statement necklace. Perhaps the jacket mixed with other pieces would work, but it’s all too matchy matchy for our taste. We hate to accuse Blanchett of a fashion crime, but everyone gets a citation once in a while. What do you think?
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