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Celebrity Style on Trial: Alexa Chung

We talk a lot on The Fashion Police about crimes of fashion and the people who commit them, but what about the ones who get it right?

We think we need an icon: a guiding light, someone we can look up to and say, “HER: that’s how it’s done.”

The problem with that, however, is that most of the people commonly granted “icon” status by the fashion world are people who make us scratch our heads and say, “HER? Really?”

And of course, everyone has days when they get it right, and days when they get it oh-so-very wrong. We want to find someone who gets it right more often than wrong, though, and who we can look up to as the Fashion Police’s Fashion Icon, so over the next few days we’re going to take a look at some of the women most commonly hailed as “Icons”, and see what you think of their style.

We’re starting off today with Candidate # 1: Alexa Chung

Now, obviously Karl Lagerfeld loves Alexa, but Uncle Karl… let’s just say his opinion can’t always be taken to be gospel on these things.

This photo is actually a pretty good example of Alexa’s style, which has always confused The Fashion Police. She’s a beautiful woman, obviously, but Alexa’s style is very low-key, casual, sometimes even a bit on the dowdy side, if we may be so bold. Alexa will show up on the red carpet in clothes that the rest of us might wear to the supermarket or office: but she’ll still pull it off. She doesn’t appear to own a comb, and she doesn’t really care what anyone thinks – which actually may be a point in her favour here. Is that ladder in her stockings deliberate or accidental? Alexa probably doesn’t care, and everyone else at this show probably considered adding a ladder to their own stockings, such is the power of Alexa.

We want to grab her by the shoulders and tell her to stand up straight here. A couple of days in Fashion Police Boot Camp would soon sort that out, though.

This photo is another good example of Alexa Chung’s signature style. The Breton stripes, the classic trench… the clumpy shoes, and the vaguely uncomfortable suggestion that she possibly forgot to put on pants. We actually love this look on her, and think she’s at her best when she goes causal, but you, of course, may well disagree.

Here are some more photos of Alexa Chung’s style. Tell us: what do you think? Fashion icon or not?

[All Images: Fame]
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