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Celebrity Style On Trial : Alicia Keys in a White Jumpsuit


By now you all know that the jumpsuits and I, we are not friends. I’ve yet to meet a jumpsuit I didn’t hate: they all have some little thing about them that stops me from liking them, and this one, as worn by Alicia Keys, is a case in point. Now, from the waist up, this is a stunner: I love the creamy fabric, and I love the shape. It’s the crotch that bothers me. The crotch, and the vague suggestion of camel toe it brings with it. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t like to see a crotch outlined like that, and I don’t really care whose crotch it is. And I’m not loving the wide legs either: if only they’d been a skirt rather than pants, this could have all worked out just fine. As it is, it gets the thumbs down from The Fashion Police, but what about the Fashion Police readers? What do you think of Alicia’s outfit ?

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