Katy Perry

      Amy Poehler

      Fashion Police at The Trevor Project’s 2012 Trevor Live! with Katy Perry, Anna Kendrick and more

      Last night a small, but perfectly-dressed, collection of celebrities attended The Trevor Project’s 2012 Trevor Live! at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. When we describe them as “perfectly dressed”, however, well, we’re possibly just being polite. Taste is, of course, completely subjective, and on this chilly December morning we want…

      Katy Perry Be Afraid shirt

      Katy Perry wants us to be afraid

      Don’t be silly, Katy Perry: don’t you know The Fashion Police aren’t afraid of ANYTHING? Well, other than Crocs, obviously. And harem pants. Oh, and clowns. Katy Perry, though? Nah, she doesn’t scare us. Not yet, anyway.

      Katy Perry Russell Brand engagement ring

      Katy Perry shows off her engagement ring

      Katy Perry and Russell Brand arrived back in London last night, with Katy wearing a big ‘ol diamond (or at least we assume it’s a diamond) on her ring finger. Twitter, meanwhile, is awash with rumours that Katy is expecting a little Russell sometime this year: we have no idea…

      Katy Perry and Russell brand engaged in India

      Katy Perry and Russell Brand get engaged in India

      Fashion Police congratulations to Katy Perry and Russell Brand, who reportedly got engaged earlier this week, while on holiday in India. Katy celebrated the occasion by slipping into a salmon pink jumpsuit with a comfy elasticated waist, while Russell… Russell appeared to slip into a pair of Katy’s cropped pants….

      Katy Perry

      Spotted! Katy Perry in a muppet-print dress

      Katy Perry has certainly managed to make her mark on Paris Fashion Week this year. She’s appeared at almost all of the shows, sometimes with new boyfriend Russel Brand in tow, and now here she is wearing a muppet print dress. It’s certainly very Katy’, but unfortunately her breasts don’t…