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Celebrity Fashion Roundup: Rumer Willis, Nicole Ritchie, Sophia Bush


Rumer Willis showed a whole lot of cleavage at the launch party for the new Blackberry Smart Phone. We think she looks a little like an American Apparel model in this outfit, albeit one with a penchant for wooly hats. Rumer is in New York for Fashion Week. Will she have a different "signature" cap for each show, though, we wonder?

Nicole Ritchie didn’t waste much time getting back into her skinny jeans after the birth of her daughter. How is it that celebrities always manage to do that? We’d really love to know…

Sophia Bush wore a bold print tunic to the Blackberry party. Hey, didn’t we issue an amnesty on dresses like this a while back? Sophia, you’re hiding your light under a Bush(el) here…

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