Celebrity Fashion Roundup: Cannes edition


As we're sure you all know, many of our celebrity friends and fashion criminals are in Cannes at the moment, for the International Film Festival. Here's a quick look at what they've been wearing, kicking off with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (above), at the Inglourious Basterds premiere. Angelina went for her trademark long, pale gown, this time, as opposed to her trademark long, black gown. Quite a bit of leg on show, too: saucy!

More celebrity Cannes shots under the jump…


 Sharon Stone also opted to show a whole lotta leg.


 Paris Hilton thought it was a toga party. It wasn't.


 Michelle Yeoh at the Broken Embraces premiere. We bet she couldn't wait to do some really fast spins in that skirt.


 Mylene Klass. Apparently she's going to be presenting the US version of I'm a Celebrity, or something. Pretty dress.


 Hilary Swank: have a gold star!


Monica Belluci and Sophie Marceau – the ladies in red.


 Eva Longoria Parker: nice use of The Drama.

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