Celebrity Fashion at The Art of Elysium’s 3rd Annual Gala

There were just too many interesting outfits at The Art of Elysium’s 3rd Annual Gala for us to highlight every single one of them, so here’s a quick gallery instead, for you to browse through at your leisure and enjoy the highs and lows of celebrity fashion!

We reckon there were some very high-highs and some terribly low lows at this particular event. Stand-outs for us include Jessica Szohr looking the best we’ve seen her; Amber Heard in a semi-shress we know we should hate, but which we actually kind of love and Kate Bosworth looking elegant in blue.

Our worst dressed: Mia Maestro in the worst fitting dress of the week and Kat Von D (it goes without saying). “What the hell?” moments courtesy of Dita Von Teese with flowers up her sleeves, Ashley Olsen looking even more like a corpse bride than usual, and look out for Anna Paquin in a Viktor & Rolf dress we didn’t expect to see outside of the runway. Enjoy!


  • January 20, 2010


    Ashley Olsen’s dress and lip tint are winners for me…if only she had gone easy on the brows…

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  • January 20, 2010


    I though the stand out ooops-the-stylist-sent-the-wrong-size dress was Minka Kelly’s. It’s too long, too tight in the hips, and it looks like she could carry her groceries home in the all the extra space on top.

    I agree Jessica Szohr looks great, and I like Jessica Alba’s outfit a lot too.

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  • January 20, 2010


    Shannen Doherty look perfect, all others look like clowns!

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  • January 20, 2010


    Alba’s outfit is cute. Ashley Olsen – very corpse bride.

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  • January 20, 2010


    -Katy Perry: Pretty dress, it really suits her. But she should have added some accessories and a flashier belt. And nicer shoes. It’s all so … white.
    -Jessica Alba: Cute outfit. She can really wear this shade of orange.
    -Jaime Ray Newman: Oh, no! What happened to that pretty white dress??! Did somebody pee on it, and then drag it through the mud?
    -Minka Kelly: This seems to be a hand-me-down from Beyoncé or Mariah Carey. It’s definitely not the right size for her.
    -Anna Paquin: It seems that hips will be big this year, too… Weird shape, too many ruffles, and I’m not sure about the colour yet.
    -Amber Heard: It might have worked if she had worn a red bra and a different belt.
    -Nicole Ritchie & Bryce Dallas: So this event was a 70s Fancy Dress Party, right? In that respect they succeeded, but that doesn’t mean the result looks good.
    -Molly Sims: Yeah, okay. Next!
    -Jenna Dewan: I guess this is meant to look sexy. Sadly that won’t work if you make your dress out of old curtains.
    -Juliette Lewis: I suppose she missed the memo that the motto was 70s, not 80s… Or she misunderstood and thought it was a “Dress as if you’re 70”-Party. 😉
    -Jessica Szohr: Beautiful dress, looks a bit naked around the neck, though. Why didn’t she wear a necklace?
    -Alicia Witt: I like the general idea, but bodice and skirt are too different to look good together.
    -Rashida Jones: Yep, must have been a 70s party… *rolleyes* Just imagine them all standing next to each other in these dresses! A nauseating thought…
    -Shannen Doherty: Looks as if it’s three sizes too big. Also seems to be torn at the right breast.
    -Ali Larter: What’s that under her arms?! The rest is great!
    -Jaime King: This is a “Little Princess”-dress for 8 years old girls. On a grown woman it looks weird.
    -Kat Von D: Ummm, why exactly is she wearing a shower curtain? She has such an awesome figure, why does she hide? And why in THIS???!
    -Mia Maestro: The skirt could have been longer and slimmer, and I don’t like the shoes with the dress. The upper half is beautiful!
    -Kate Bosworth: Boooooooooring!
    -Dita Von Teese: Typically Dita. But what’s with the flowers??!!
    -Ashley Olsen: The dress is okay, if a bit old-fashioned. The make-up and lipstick are way too dark and severe, and the hair is a mess!
    -Rachel Bilson: Without the sleeves and with slightly higher bodice it would have been a really pretty dress.
    -Marisa Tomei: Marisa, next time try a skirt in a smaller size. This one is so big, it’s falling off and ruining the good overall impression.

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  • January 21, 2010


    I, as always, LOVE Ashley Olsen. Her dress is beautifully stunning and very “old worldsy” which I like, but I think the lipstick and clutch make it more modern. Very romantic look.

    Jessica Alba looks like she forgot half her dress, as always.

    I must ask, why on earth are Dita Von Teese’s hands sprouting flowers?

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