Celeb Style: The Best and Worst Looks From the 2018 Kids Choice Awards

On Saturday night the 2018 Kids Choice Awards were held at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Every year the Kids Choice Awards are the one award ceremony where celebs can completely let loose! The dress code is more casual and fun than any other award show, and many celebs take the opportunity to wear bright colors and crazy outfits. This year there was no shortage of funky patterns and quirky ensembles. Check out some of the best and worst looks from the 2018 Kids Choice Awards:

The Best of the Best

Storm Reid

Storm Reid absolutely nailed everything the Kids Choice Awards is about with this outfit. The young A Wrinkle In Time star looked flawless in this rainbow striped pantsuit and we can’t get over it.

Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi rules every red carpet – or rather orange carpet in this case. This two-piece polka dot outfit is simple, fun and adorable.

Lizzy Greene

Lizzy Greene looked great in this outfit! It’s chic, yet age appropriate – the perfect ensemble for the Kids Choice Awards.


We’re never disappointed by Zendaya. She is the epitome of beauty and grace at every event, and this was no exception. This simple beige dress is cute and classy.

Daniella Perkins

Daniella Perkins added this great pop of neon green color to the carpet and we absolutely loved it! It was definitely appropriate for the Kids Choice Awards, which is known for dumping neon green slime on its guests!

The Worst of the Worst

Candace Cameron Bure

We’re not exactly sure what Candace Cameron Bure was going for with this look. The ruffled skirt, the white t-shirt…It’s just a complete mess!

Chloe Kim

It’s not that we don’t like Chloe Kim’s little white dress – it’s really cute! We just think she should’ve done something a little more fun for the Kids Choice Awards. This looks more Sunday luncheon, less Nickelodeon award show.

Kat Graham

We’re assuming Kat Graham’s shirt says “Reach For the Stars”, but how can we be sure when it’s cut off by that gothic-esque tulle skirt?

Kristen Bell

We love Kristen Belle, but we feel like she’s dressed as a mod-version of Mary Poppins with this out. And why does her bag look like a lunchbox?

Mel B

No. No. No. What was former-Spice Girl Mel B thinking when she wore this see-through jumper to a children’s awards show?! This is more MTV than Nickelodeon.


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