Crimes of Fashion

Cat hairball jewellery by Kate Benjamin

Cat ladies are cool, y’all.

Well, that’s what Kate Benjamin of Moderncat wants you to think, anyway. In a bid to dispel the idea of the crazy cat lady, Kate got together with friend and jeweller Heidi Abramson to create a range of jewellery made from the hair of our feline friends.

Kate says, “I started with a good grooming session with several of the cats, then I hand-rolled each ball of cat fur into a tight bead. By rolling the loose fur between your palms, the strands become felted together, forming a solid little bead. Heidi then transformed the beads using her silversmithing skills and her amazing eye for modern design and voil…!”

The good news, then, is that by “hairball” we’re talking about hair directly from the cat’s body, not hair that’s just been hacked up. The bad news is that it’s still cat hair.

What do you think, catladies? Something you’d buy?

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