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Case Closed: Katy Perry in a mouse-ear headband

For a long time now, we’ve been asking ourselves the question: who would wear all of those mouse ear headbands we keep seeing on retail websites?

It was kind of a stupid question, huh?

OBVIOUSLY Katy Perry would wear them. And here she is, doing exactly that (and wearing a Christian Dior dress and jacket along with them) as she promotes her new fragrance, ‘Purr’ in Toronto.

Next question: why does she remind us so much of Leighton Meester in these photos?

And one last question before we go: have any of you tried the fragrance? Is it any good? We tend to walk right past celebrity fragrances without even stopping to try them, because they always seem a bit… tacky… somehow, but perhaps we’re just being terrible snobs, and missing out on something fantastic, in which case we’re willing to give them a chance. Your thoughts?

(OK, that was more than one question. Sorry.)

[Images: PRPhotos.com]
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