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Case Closed: Amber Rose (again!) and the Louis Vuitton mink bum bag

Kanye West and Amber Rose

The Fashion Police would like to say a very special “thank you” this week to Amber Rose, who’s been helping us with a number of our enquiries: we’re sure you’ll remember how Amber helped us answer the question “Who the hell would wear THAT jacket?” yesterday, and now she’s also been of great help in solving the mysterious case of the Louis Vuitton mink bum bag/fanny pack.

We had to delve deep into our archive to find the original file on this one. Only the most dedicated of readers will remember the original article on this, from December 2006, but Amber obviously has a long memory, and has been patiently waiting for just the right occasion to wear this bad boy.

We originally wanted to speak to this item in relation to three separate allegations:

1. That is was a bum bag

2. A MINK bum bag

3. That it is covered in Louis Vuitton’s distinctive logo, which some people would argue is more or less the same as having “Fashion Victim” stamped all over your clothes.

Now that we’ve had the chance to review the new evidence supplied by Amber Rose however, we’d like to add a forth charge:

4. It is freaking HUGE. Seriously, we had no idea. It’s like the size of a normal bag, only you wear it around your waist. We guess some people might find that handy, but do you, readers? Do you?

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