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Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw is one of the best-known fashion icons of recent years, and a Carrie Bradshaw fancy dress costume is an easy way for fashion fans to dress up, using clothes they either already own, or can easily find on the high street or internet. Here’s how…

carrie bradshaw fancy dress

Carrie Bradshaw fancy dress ideas

Carrie Bradshaw wore lots of memorable outfits in the course of Sex and the City, but perhaps the most iconic is the white tutu she wears in the opening sequence, in which tulle-clad Carrie is splashed by bus bearing an advert for her own newspaper column. As luck would have it, this is a super-easy costume to recreate, and while it’ll be that bit easier if you happen to be a blonde, a cheap wig from eBay or Amazon makes a Carrie Bradshaw fancy dress costume a possibility for anyone. Here’s one we put together:

Carrie Bradshaw fancy dress costume for Halloween

white tutu | pink tank top |strappy sandals | wig

Tulle skirts are very fashionable right now, but ones designed to be worn AS skirts can be on the pricey side, so if you don’t want to spend too much money, we’d suggest buying a cheap tulle petticoat instead: we found the one in our image on eBay. Pink tank tops, meanwhile, can be found just about anywhere: with a bit of luck, you might already own one. As for the shoes: Carrie wears a pair of high, strappy sandals with this outfit (designer, naturally), but if you don’t own a similar pair, and don’t want to splash out on Manolos, don’t worry: a regular pair of sandals will be suitable for a Carrie Bradshaw fancy dress costume, as long as you remember that:

a) they must be FABULOUS.

b) they must be high – or as high as you can manage. Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t really DO flats.

That just leaves you with the hair: as we said above, this will be easy enough if you already happen to have long, blonde hair – just use curling tongs to create a head-full of ringlets, and you’re good to go. If you don’t happen to have hair like Carrie’s, though, curly blonde wigs are easily found on eBay/Amazon, and shouldn’t cost more than a few pounds.

If you want to do Carrie Bradshaw fancy dress, however, but you can’t track down these exact items, don’t despair. As long as you can create (or fake) the blonde curls, it should be easy enough to create a Carrie-inspired costume, using the type of clothing she’d be likely to wear. Look out for:

* Extravagant shoes – the crazier, the better

* Big skirts/dresses

* Multiple strings of pearls

* Giant corsages

* Crop tops

(And remember, you don’t have to wear them all at once: even although Carrie probably would…)

Good luck creating your Carrie Bradshaw fancy dress: have fun!

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