Can you be too old for fashion?


GOD, I feel old. Too old to wear this Topshop dress, anyway, because (whisper it) I’m not actually a product of the 80s…  and there is no "product of the 1970s" dress to replace it with – aaargh! So, all of this got me wondering: can you be too old for fashion? As a product of the decade that fashion forgot, should I now be starting to think about buying in a job-lot of elastic waist jeans and twinsets, or is there fashion life in the old dog yet? I mean, I don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb, but I’d still quite like to shop at Topshop and remain vaugely fashionable, thanks very much.

Then again, maybe it’s the dress that’s meant to be a product of the 80s, not the wearer?

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