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Ask The Fashion Police: Can I wear maroon and teal together?

Maroon and teal: should they ever meet?

A few days ago, we re-opened our Formspring account, which means we’re preparing ourselves for the usual barrage of questions from people who: a) Think we’re a shop and b) Think we’re Joan Rivers.(Note: we are not Joan Rivers.) We do tend to get some serious style-related questions, though, and here is the first of them:

Q: Can I wear maroon and teal together? I have a maroon shirt and teal shoes that I’d like to wear together, but I’ve heard it’s a bad combination. . .

Well, the good news here is that, thanks to the ongoing trend for colourblocking, you can wear pretty much ANY two colours together and call it FASHUN. If people look at you funny, simply put you nose in the air, toss your hair, and tell them it’s DESIGNER and they obviously DON’T UNDERSTAND.

If you dont want to be a fashion victim, however, we think you could still make this work, although personally we probably wouldn’t: it’s an unusual combination, and not the most natural of colour pairings. Where there’s a will, there’s (probably) a way, though, so if you really want to wear the two together, what will help in this case is the fact that the items in question are a shirt and shoes, so they won’t be right next to each other and will, instead, be separated by whatever you’re wearing in between, be it skirt, pants or shorts. If you make that middle item neutral enough, the teal shoes could just provide an interesting contrast, although we’d still be tempted to just wear them both with something else.

We’ve no idea what the items under discussion actually look like, of course, so we tried to just imagine what an outfit consisting of a maroon shirt and teal shoes might look like:


Well, we wouldn’t arrest you for it, but we don’t love it either, and we can’t help but think that both of those items would look an awful lot better worn with some other colour.

We don’t want you to take our word for it, though, so we’re opening out the question to the ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police jury:

Can you wear teal and maroon together? Advise your fellow citizen in the comments section…

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