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Style on Trial: bustier t-shirt from Dorothy Perkins

Bustier_tshirt As far as we’re concerned, this white bustier t-shirt from Dorothy Perkins is the t-shirt equivalent of one of those "hilarious" novelty aprons which has a picture of a headless, bikini-clad babe on the front, the idea being that when you slip it in, you look like you’re the bikini-clad babe. Except not really, obviously.

This shirt follows the same principles, screaming out, "Look! I’m a t-shirt but I look like a corset! Fooled ya!" It’s the ideal way to wear lingerie in public (or to look like you’re wearing lingerie in public: the thing about this type of garment is that it doesn’t actually look like you’re wearing the item pictured, so you basically just end up wearing a shirt with a picture of underwear on the front. Which is weird.) without being accused of indecency, but would you be accused of committing crimes of fashion instead?

Your judgment is awaited: is this t-shirt a crime of fashion, folks?

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