If a bum baglooks like this one, is it still a crime of fashion?


Bum bags. Like shell suits and other sundry items of 80s fashion, they’ll almost guarantee you entry into the Fashion Police Hall of Shame. In fact, even the words alone will generally send any stylish person running for their Chloe Paddington. But the fact remains, there are some occasions when it’s just plain handy to be able to carry your money, keys and mobile attached to a belt around your waits, aren’t there?

And no, we’re don’t mean occasions such as car boot sales, which is when bum bags are commonly spotted, attached to the middle-aged waists of people who’ve watched a few too many episodes of Antiques Road show and are hoping to sell that china shepherdess for at least a fiver. No, we’re talking about other hands-free experiences, like… well, festivals, say. Which is probably why ASOS have called this bum bag the "Festival bum bag" and made it look like something Sienna Miller would maybe wear.

Actually, this one isn’t leather, just "leather look", and ASOS are presumably hoping this will make all the difference. Does it, though? Would you wear the leather-look bum bag, or do you consider ALL bum bags to be crimes of fashion?

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