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Britney Still Working Revenge Chic

Britney Still Working Revenge Chic

OK, Britney, I think I see what you’re trying to do here. You’re all, "Ha, ha, Kev! Lookit me! I’m, like, SO over you, dude – and I got my boobs out to show it. Waaay out. Every day, out. SO over you!" And you know what? I even understand why you’re doing it. I’m totally down with that. But Britney? You have to be cool here. Be. Cool. That means no more boobs out. No more dresses cut to pelmet-length. No more visible bra. Cool. Like that lovely print dress you wore the other day: the one that was down to your knees? And didn’t show your bra? That kind of cool. Trust me: it’ll work much better for you.

Britney’s “Divorcing K-Fed” Fashion Change

Britney's Divorcing K-Fed Fashion Change

Bravo, Britney! We are loving your work this week. You done washed that man right out of your hair, dintchya? Even just washing your hair was a very good start for you, Brit, but kicking K-Fed to the kerb? Best. Fashion Move. Ever. Well, almost. We love that you look so happy. We love the hair. We love the way you brought sexy back. Hell, we love you, Brit, and we are here for you during this difficult time! One thing we don’t like so much? The raggedy hemline on that dress. WHY? And also? The way you appear to have translated "Revenge Style" as "Get your boobs out at every possible opportunity."

Still, you done a good thing this week girl, and this is the best we’ve seen you look for a long, long time. Good to have you back, Britney…

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