Britney Spears and the Mysterious Case of the Missing Skirt. And knickers.

Britney spears no knickers

We’ve always known that Britney was a follower of the "less is more" school of fashion, but whereas for most people that would mean less cleavage, less accessories, less fuss, for Britney it just means "less clothes". Here she is out searching for the assholes who stole her skirt and underwear, leaving her with just a flimsy little slip, to protect her "modesty". No wonder she looks close to tears!

Note to Brit: buy underwear. And sunscreen.

Britney Watch: Stripper Chic

Briteny spears in stripper outfit

Yes, OK, I know she’s dressed like a stripper, but when a girl eats as much junk food as Britney does and STILL someone manages to whip her ass back into as good a shape as this, I think we need to give credit where it’s due, don’t you? She could not look cheaper if she tried (and to be honest, sometimes I wonder if she does), but it’s better than the days of "bald head and tracksuit

Still dressing like a hooker, not looking likely to change anytime soon

Britney spears hooker

OK, now I think we can all agree that this is pretty bad, even for Britney, no? I particularly love the attention to detail in the ripped fishnet, making her look like a hooker on her way home from a particularly hard days night. Oh, Britney, why do you do it to yourself, WHY? For a moment there, when you started working out and seemed to be at least trying to get your life back on track, I thought there was hope for you yet, but then you rock up in what looks like a scuzzy old porn-shop nightie, neon pink bra and ripped fishnets, and Britney, it’s starting to look like there’s no hope left. Oh, the humanity.


  • December 12, 2007


    Definitely needs to turn down her time in the tanning bed. She looks slightly overcooked.
    Maybe that’s the reason for missing clothing…then again I’ve had tanning bed bum burn, and I don’t think I could stand wearing nylons while that was going on. Ow.

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  • December 12, 2007


    It looks like her mama came down and gave her a good ole spankin’.
    By now, I would be more surprised to see her _with_ clothes.
    I tell ya, I’ve never seen such wealth put to such poor use.

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  • December 26, 2007


    is she COMPLETELY oblivious to what she has become?? I mean, what do they have to do to fix her? Brit, guess what? The skanky look, NOT SO CUTE ANYMORE!!
    *Plus: what IS that white thing? is it like a tampon?

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  • March 1, 2010

    Nigel Corriere

    The reference concerning Britney Spears attracted my eye. Recently I’ve become a big fan and can not get too much info or articles about Britney’s media coverage. Whether it is hair shaving, naughty videos, wedding failures or just a new pop single there is a great deal going on around Britney. Shame about the kids involvement but I imagine the cash will help them. The tv age is her opportunity for money but will it be her downfall with too much reporting and exposure. In fact I imagine that this blog entry and my remark are the same pressure I commented about.

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