Fashion Police at the Brit Awards 2013

Last night, celebrities rolled up to the O2 Arena in London for the Brit Awards 2013. The Brits are traditionally one of the awards ceremonies at which The Fashion Police make most arrests. For reasons we don’t quite understand, while the other awards shows tend to bring out the best in the celebrities who walk their red carpets (Or MOST of them, anyway…), the Brits… doesn’t. Was this year better or worse than usual in the style stakes? Let’s take a look and see…

Little Mix on the red carpet at the 2013Brit Awards

Little Mix at the Brit Awards 2013

The Brit Awards 2013: Arrivals…

The photo above more or less sums up this year’s Brits fashion for us. This is Little Mix: a band formed for The X-Factor, and as you can see, there’s a “wacky” one, a sexy one, one with a lot of cleavage and a quirky one. There isn’t one dressed in black, but that’s OK, because everyone else had that particular look covered – or UNcovered, in the case of Jessie J. Even Taylor Swift abandoned her usual white in favour of black for her arrival, although she DID change into a wedding dress to perform on stage, causing Twitter users to speculate that her performance of I Knew You Were Trouble might have been aimed at ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. Ouch.

Lana Del Rey, meanwhile, inexplicably turned up in a dowdy black nurse’s uniform, which made us want to take her away and dress her up like a doll. It’s OK to dress up for these things, Lana: you can wear that dress any old time…

You’ll find some more photos from the Brit Awards 2013 in the gallery below. Take a look, and don’t forget to tell us what you think: who was your best and worst dressed?

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  • February 21, 2013


    I thought Lana Del Ray looked like Katniss

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  • February 23, 2013


    Not sure who this Little Mix is, but the dress of the 2nd girl popped to me. Blake Lively already used a very similiar one; at the Savages premiere, if I’m not wrong ( I usually dont care when celebrities use similar or even the same dress of another; BUT this was a rather big event AND the dress itself is too memorable. She should probably have chosen something else, mainly because, at the inevitable comparison between her and Blake Lively, her dress ends up looking like a cheap copy.

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