Wear or Die | Big Bird or Daffy Duck?

Wednesdays at TheFashionPolice.net mean Wear or Die: the game in which we choose two ugly outfits, and ask you to wear one… or die.

This week, although we know the Fall 2014 collections are currently being paraded at New York Fashion Week, we couldn’t resist going back to the (recent) past, to bring you these two little beauties:

wear or die

Option A is a Big Bird costume (complete with sexy thigh cut outs. Sesame Street was never like this in our day…) from Jeremy Scott’s current collection. Although it appeared on the runway, we haven’t actually seen this for sale anywhere, so it may never have actually made it into production. We can’t think why: seriously, who WOULDN’T want to walk around dressed like this?

Option B, meanwhile, is by The Blonds, and is from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, so you may well be able to buy this one soon. If you’re very unlucky, that is.

So, these are the two choices before you, Fashion Police Officers. Here’s a quick reminder of the rules:

How to Play Wear or Die

1. You must pick one of the two outfits above

2. You must assume you will be wearing it in public, and without attempting to conceal it in any way

3. You CAN make minor adjustments to the styling of the look, if it’s possible: i.e., you don’t HAVE to wear option 2 with the thigh boots and a small planet balanced on your head, but it would be fun if you would at least try, no?

4. If you don’t choose one of the two outfits, you die. BUT!

5. DEATH IS NOT AN OPTION. They’re just clothes, people. Ain’t no point dying over a pile of acid yellow faux fur, so you may as well just choose one and get it over with.

So, what’s it going to b? Which outfit would you choose if you HAD to wear one: Big Bird or Daffy?

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