Save or Splurge? Bright blue midi skirts by Rachel Roy and ASOS

As we’ve observed a couple of times now, the midi skirt is back with a vengeance right now. We’ve been admiring Rachel Roy’s blue swing skirt for a while, but at $425, we felt duty bound to seek out a slightly more wallet-friendly version. Luckily our old friends ASOS came to the rescue with this swishy blue number (which isn’t really “midi” on the model, but would be on some of the rest of us), which comes in at a rather more affordable $62.

Now, the differences between the two speak for themselves here: the designer skirt is a luxe-looking silk twill, while the ASOS version is a linen/lyocell mix. The shapes and colours, of course, are similar, but how much would you pay for a skirt like this – assuming you’d wear one at all, of course? Would you SAVE or SPLURGE?

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