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Bracelet Sandals: the new gladiators?

Hey, anyone remember Slinky?

These bracelet sandals (“Brandals”?) By Sigerson Morrison are basically what it would look like if you tried to wear Slinky on your legs. Don’t try that at home kids: at least the sandals come with a zip up the back of the leg, to save you spending hours of your life trying to get into them. There is, however, a downside to the “brandal”. In fact, there are three:

1. TAN LINES. Do we even have to say it? And not just tan lines, either: if you’ve ever removed a pair of socks, say, and found the imprint of the elastic in them on your skin, you can probably imagine what your legs would look like when you removed THESE.

2. Is this going to be the gladiator sandal of 2010? Are we going to start seeing these everywhere, on everyone? And how do you feel about that, if so?

3. Now that we take a closer look, we think they look less like a Slinky, and more like the model just put a bunch of hair elastics on her legs. Hmm.

What do you think of these, readers? If you love them, they’re $695 at Neiman Marcus.

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