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Boots Pretending To Be Shoes: J Shoes Swoon ankle boot

J Shoes Swoon ankle bootAh, that old fashion crime of a garment pretending to be something it’s not.  This time the guilty party are J Shoes who are attempting to pass off this boots as a shoe and sock combination.  Albeit with socks that are made of leather.  What we can’t understand about designs like this though, is why?  Why bother making a boot that looks like a shoe.  Surely if you wanted a teal mock crock Mary Jane you would just buy a pair of those, and put blue ankle socks with them if you so desired.  And if you wanted a boot, you would buy a boot that looks like a boot.  Not a boot that looks like a shoe.

Or would you?  Is that just us?  What do you think of these boots pretending to be shoes?  They are £100 here.

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