Can you wear boots in summer?

Today’s look at our search referrers revealed one question coming up more than any other:

Can you wear boots in summer?

Well: CAN you?

can you wear boots in summer

Dress & boots: ASOS

It’s very easy to get caught up in the idea that certain items of clothing are only appropriate in certain seasons. Shorts in summer. Wool coats in winter. Corduroy in the autumn… and so on and so forth.

According to this logic, boots are very much an “autumn/winter” kind of item. They’re warm. They’re (often) waterproof. They’re designed to be worn in cold and/or wet weather, and that, of course, is the kind of weather we tend to associate with winter and fall. Summer, by contrast, is made for loose, floaty fabrics: for open-toed sandals and lightweight sundresses – isn’t it?

The problem with this “logic”, however, is that it really only works when the seasons behave exactly as they’re supposed to: when summer is hot and steamy, and when winter is cold and damp. Well, we don’t know about you, but here in the UK, winter generally lives up to its reputation. Summer, on the other hand? Not so much. When you live in the UK, you get used to disappointing summers: it can be just as cold in summer as it is in early autumn (and sometimes even early winter), which is why we say, with absolutely no hesitation that yes : you absolutely can wear boots in summer – as long as the weather and activity is appropriate for them.

Actually, we’d apply this “rule” to just about any item of clothing you can think of. Our rule of thumb here:

Dress for the weather, not the calendar.

If it’s cold in summer, wear warm clothes – including boots, if that’s what makes you feel comfortable.It doesn’t look odd to be wearing boots on a cold summer day. It does, however, look strange to be dressed inappropriately for the weather: if you’re covered in goosebumps and gradually turning blue in your summer dress and sandals, you don’t get a free pass just because the calendar tells you it’s summer.

Practicality aside, however, in many respects, so-called “seasonal” dressing has started to become a thing of a past. Even the top design houses, who used to release collections twice per year, focusing on the two main seasons (Summer and Winter) have started to release mid-season and pre-season collections, and this is partly in recognition of the fact that there’s really no such thing as “seasonal” dressing for many people. Just take a look around you: it’s not unusual these days (at least not in the UK) to see people wearing opaque tights in the so-called “warmer” months of the year, and boots in summer have become commonplace – especially ankle or shoe boots, which can be fairly lightweight and breathable, compared to their more wintry counterparts. You probably won’t want to wear them during a heatwave, of course, but for the typical British summer day, you’re not exactly going to sweat in them, either.

Still wondering if it’s OK to wear boots in summer? Ask yourself:

  • Is it comfortable? 
  • Is it appropriate for the activity you’re taking part in? 

If you can answer yes to both of these, you’re good. If, on the other hand, it’s 100 degrees in the shade and you’re wearing knee-high boots to the beach… probably not.

What do you think? Do you wear boots in summer?


  • July 11, 2013


    I think the problem is not the combination of “summer + boots” but rather, in the picture above, those naked legs sticking out of wide and empty boot shafts, and then the heavyness of the boots and the lightness of the dress. Taht I don’t like.

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  • July 11, 2013


    I wear boots in summer. If I’m going to a music festival, it is the best option to not let my feet get dirty.

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  • July 12, 2013


    I wear boots in summer when it rains or it’s too cold for sandals. However I wear laser-cut knee high boots, not ankle boots – which I’ve noticed are much more popular in the UK – because I don’t find them very flattering (unless you have very long and slim legs).

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  • July 15, 2013


    Boots in summer when it’s cold/rainy are all very well. Boots in summer when it’s hot, however, and you just can tell they are going to get sweaty and smelly, are just horrible. People say terrible things about flip-flops (despite there being very cute leather ‘dressy’ version of them) but in a sweltering day I’ll take a rubber flip flop over the fashionable boot, thank you.

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  • July 23, 2013


    I wear boots all the time– the trick is just to find a light weight pair. They’re a great excuse to not shave my legs.

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