Boot Sock Jeans: The jeans that are also socks

As alarming as this bizarre hybrid of jean/sock may look at first glance, be reassured that these Jean Sock Boots, as they’re known, are not merely another Stuck Together Clothes Crime: they do, in fact, have a practical purpose, and that purpose is to allow you to tuck your jeans into your long boots without any unsightly overhang. We hate unsightly overhang.

A couple of points here:

1. Skinny jeans. Or even leggings. We know a ot of you seem to hate them, but they come into their own in this kind of situation, and can be worn with other forms of footwear, too.

2. What if you wear these to someone’s home, and they ask you to remove your boots at the door? Then your Jean Sock Boots will be revealed in all their Socks-Stuck-To-Jeans glory, and you’ll be forever known as That Girl The Fashion Police Came And Took Away That One Time.

These are the creation of Cindy Slater, who sells them via the Thirteen Denim line.

What do you think? Are these the answer to the “What kind of jeans to wear with long boots?” question? If so, you can buy a pair here, although we couldn’t find a price on the website.

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