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Fashion Trends: Blair Waldorf style bow headbands (and one star one) at Topshop


You can blame Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf for this one, folks – or thank her, if you like her style. It’s the bow headband and bitchy Blair is never knowingly seen without one. Thanks to Topshop, you don’t have to be without one either now: all of the styles above can be found at (yes, we know one of them is a star, not a bow, but we liked it…), with prices ranging from £1 for the leopard print headband at the bottom of the picture up to £25 for the oversized purple satin band, which is particularly Waldorfian.

This is a very cutesy style which clearly won’t suit everyone. The Fashion Police can personally testify that headbands like these (either with or without the adornments) can be a godsend on bad hair days, but take it too far, and they can also make you look like Minnie Mouse. Not a look we’d recommend.

Speaking of Minnie Mouse, though, hands up if you’d wear this one:


It’s Topshop’s sequin "ears" headband and it’s the perfect example of what happens when you take the bow thing too far. It’s £25, but does Minnie know Topshop have stolen her ears, we wonder? Would you wear it?

Purple silk headband, £25; red bow alice band, £5; star headband, £7; star-print alice band, £5; animal print headband, £1

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