Dress of the Day: Black Ponte Shift Dress at Debenhams

 Black Ponte Shift Dress at Debenhams

So, I guess you could call me a bit of a Betty Jackson fan at the moment, seeing as I’ve featured not one, but two of her dresses this week as Dress of the Day. Sorry. My bad. I just couldn’t help myself, though: I absolutely love this very classic, very sexy-but-stylish look of hers, and I would dress like this all the time if I could possibly get away with it. (By which I mean, “If I didn’t work from home, and would look stupid lolling around the house dressed like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s). It’s a very Audrey Hepburn style dress, though, this one, and I do solemnly swear that one day it will be mine…It’s £65 at Debenhams.

Dress of the Day: B With G Baby Doll Dress

B With G Baby Doll Dress

I have this problem with dresses. The problem is that I work from home, and most of the dresses I own feel too “dressy” (Ha! Do you see what I did there?) to be wearing around the house. A lot of the time they’re not very comfortable, either: it’s all very well to be wearing hold-ups (Because tights? Are the work of the devil. For real.) and heels at the office, but at home? Not so much. This dress is the answer to my prayers. Soft and flexible enough to slob out in, but pretty enough to be smart, I? Am loving it. And as much as I hate to say it – God, but I hate to say it – it’s also the perfect dress to wear with *whisper it* – leggings.  It’s $152 from Girlshop.

Dress of the Day: Peter Som Silk Dress

Peter Som Silk Dress

I have to apologise. Not only is this the second item I’ve written about today that isn’t yet available online, it’s not even a winter dress. Sorry. When something as pretty as this jumps out at you, though, and starts shouting “Me! Meeeee! Pick me!” well, who am I to resist? Anyway, I have an excuse: I’m currently obsessed with thoughts of my honeymoon, and, more specifically, what I might wear on my honeymoon, so while my body is stuck firmly in winter 2006, my head is off gallivanting with Spring/Summer 2007. This dress is by Peter Som and is $1655 at Saks Fifth Avenue. If there was a way to put it on my gift registry, trust me, I would…

Dress of the Day: Diane Von Furtsenberg Genie Dress

Dress of the Day: Diane Von Furtsenberg Genie Dress

Terrible, shocking admission coming up here: I don’t love wrap dresses. OK, I have wrap dresses, and yes, I sometimes even wear wrap dresses, but mostly? I don’t. I think they make me look frumpy. They certainly make me feel frumpy, anyway, and that’s a good enough reason not to wear ’em for me. This lukewarm-ness I have towards the wrap dress, then, is part of the reason I love this ‘Genie’ dress from Queen-of-the-Wraps, Diane Von Furstenberg. Love the bell sleeves, love the retro styling – don’t normally love an empire line (er, enhance your belly, much?), but happy with it here – just love it. Don’t love the $365 price tag, though. Ah well, we can’t have everything, can we?

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