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When Maxi Dresses Go Wrong

Long black dress with high neck and sleeves

Dammit! Now why couldn’t we have discovered this dress BEFORE Halloween rather than after it?

To be completely honest, we’ve never really trusted maxi dresses. In the right hands, they can look fantastic. In the wrong ones, however, they can make the wearer look like an extra in a costume drama.

We don’t really need to tell you which type of hands this dress has been left in, do we?

(Clue: the WRONG hands. Oh yes.)

There’s nothing good about this look. The severe neckline combined with the long sleeves, harsh, head-to-toe black and scraped-back hair, all combine to make this poor model look like the evil governess in a gothic novel. If you don’t believe us, when you go to bed tonight, switch off the light, close your eyes, then imagine her standing at the foot of your bed, watching you. And if THAT doesn’t scare you, perhaps the price tag will: $1,540, anyone?

We’re curious, though? Where would you wear something like this? HOW would you wear it? Normally we’d suggest adding some bright accessories to lighten things up, but this one has us beat: we can’t really imagine how you could wear it and NOT look like you were going to a funeral in 1856. (Or, you know, some other time: back off, History Police!)

Any suggestions?

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