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Style on Trial: Black embroidered coat dress from Dorothy Perkins


Lovely coat, isn’t it?

Well, actually, no, it ISN’T a lovely coat: because it ISN’T A COAT at all. It’s a dress. A coat dress. If it was a dress coat, we’d understand it better: as it is, we’re deeply suspicious of it, because doesn’t it just look EXACTLY like a coat? Doesn’t it seem like if you wore it to a party, say, you’d spend the entire evening explaining to people that no, you’re not cold, you’re not just about to leave, and you don’t want to take your coat off, because your coat is a DRESS?

This isn’t the first coat dress we’ve spotted this season, but it IS the first one to take the “coat” part of its name so literally. Well, we guess we’ve had the “underwear as outerwear” trend going on for a while now – maybe it’s time for an “outerwear as underwear” one to replace it?

What do you think of this development, readers? Are you on board with coats passing themselves off as dresses, or is this up there with boots pretending to be shoes? Tell us!

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