Black and Blue: Cheap Monday jeans for when you just can’t decide

Cheap Monday jeans in black and blue
Some days you want to wear black jeans, and some days you want to wear blue jeans.

And some days you want to wear black jeans AND blue jeans, and you’re just not willing to choose one over the other.

Those are the days you turn to Cheap Monday, and their jeans which are both black AND blue, like a bruise. Or like the 80s, because that’s not so much “blue” as it is “marble wash”. So, basically, you’ll have one leg in 1987, and the other in 2011. Isn’t that the dream?

If it’s your dream, click here to view them up close. If it’s NOT your dream, just be grateful we got to them before they could cause any damage…

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  • October 5, 2011

    Emily via Facebook

    Some days you want to smack your hand to your head and scream “WHY?!”

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