Top Ten: bird print pieces on the high street

bird print top

Oriental birdcage top, £30, Oasis

Bird print: like florals, it comes around every spring. Also like florals, it’s fresh, feminine, and a pretty obvious choice for things like sundresses and skirts. (It’s probably worth noting here that many bird prints actually contain florals as part of the design, hence the similarities). This is also a rather more whimsical, quirky kind of print than its floral sister, though, so if you like to be able to use those particular words to describe what you’re wearing, it might just be for you.

We’ve tracked down ten bird print pieces, all available now on the UK high street. These range from cute tops and simple scarves to bird print dresses and skirts: take a look at the gallery to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy…

GALLERY: Bird print

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