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Bad Bikinis: The writing’s on the wall boobs…

Bikini_2 Can you guess what this particular item of clothing is, Fashion Force? Yes, it’s a BIKINI! Well done!

Those of us who needed the handy visual clue presented on the bikini top, of course, will have been forced to stare really closely at this model’s boobs in order to read it.  Was this the desired effect, we wonder? Because, you know, if you go to the beach with writing on your chest, people are going to want to read it, and while they’re staring at your bikini top, it’s just possible they’ll also notice the "boob underhang" that sometimes happens with triangle tops like this. Which would be unfortunate.

This bikini also demonstrates our most hated form of bikini bottoms, the "tiny triangle". You just know one strong wave is going to take those off, don’t you? And that you’re definitely going to need a Brazilian if you’re going to try to wear them.

Disagree? Get it for £8 at Discoo.

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