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Style on Trial: Big Fluff Inside Out Trophy Hand Print Sweater

Reindeer stag green holiday sweater

Whew! For a moment there, as we surfed lazily through the ASOS knitwear section, we thought we were looking at one of our own features on holiday sweaters. And even when we realised that no, this sweater is available to buy right now, we were still confused because:

a) It’s not winter

b) We had no idea that massive reindeer heads had suddenly become fashionable. When did this happen?

In short, we need you to clear up the confusion, gentle readers. Tell us, is this something you would wear? Should we be buying them for the whole family? They’d certainly look great on The Fashion Police’s annual Christmas card this year, but would they make us look great, or would they just make us look like Fashion Criminals? You decide.

(And if you decide that this sweater is the greatest thing since skinny jeans, you can buy it for £55 at ASOS).

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