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Fashion Trend:Big Bikini Bottoms


Big pants. They were a key character in Bridget Jones, and we don’t think there can be many women among us who haven’t, at one time or another, been seduced by the sheer comfort of these bad boys. That, and the fact that they hold your belly in like nothing else.

But the thing is, big pants have never exactly been considered "sexy", have they? Or even stylish. Not since the 1950s, obviously, when many a bathing beauty was snapped in a bikini not unlike the one shown above, which comes from Victoria’s Secret, big bottoms and all.

Yes, folks, the big pants have come out of the closet and they’re heading to the beach, with waist-high pants being spotted on shorelines around the world. Now, we’re not suggesting you ‘do a Uma’ with this trend. By hiking her waistline up to just underneath her bust, Ms Thurman incurred the wrath of The Fashion Police, and managed to look like she was wearing some kind of surgical swimsuit.

No, what we’re saying is that, worn the right way, the high-waisted, "big pant" of the bikini world can have a retro, pin-up girl appeal. And it’ll also be comfortable as all hell. Of course, we’ll never give up our hipsters, which we think are much more flattering to the belly, but a change is as good as a rest, they say…

What do you think, Fashion Force? Will you be giving big pants an outing on the beach this year, or do you think low is the way to go?   

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