Dress of the Day: Betty Jackson Grey Shift Dress

Betty Jackson Grey Shift Dress

Despite doing a lot of complaining this winter about grey, and how boring it can be, this is the second grey dress I’ve found myself lusting after this month. (The first was a thick jersey galaxy dress from Topshop, which is now hanging in my wardrobe, having been snagged on eBay for the bargain price of £9.99. Result!). I’d brighten this Betty Jackson shift dress up with a pair of red leather knee boots, and a red  bag or belt (yes, I occasionally match my boots to my bags. Shoot me.) Love the bardot neckline: all my clothes would look just like this if I only had the cash to indulge myself. This is £75 at Debenhams for those of you who’re feeling rather more flush this month than I am…

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