Best Dressed of the Week

Best Dressed of the Week

Before we get on to this week’s Best Dressed contest, let’s take a quick look at last week’s winner: Kate Upton, in this gorgeous black dress…

Kate was actually our pick for Best Dressed out of last week’s selection, too, so what can we say: our readers obviously have impeccable taste!

Now to decide who was the best dressed celebrity THIS week!

As you page through the style suspects below, you’ll be given the option to vote each celebrity either “innocent” or “guilty” of committing crimes of fashion, on a sliding scale of 1 -10, with 10 being the best dressed, and 1 being the worst. Once you’ve cast your vote, just scroll down the page to see the winners, with the Best Dressed celebrity appearing at the very top of the list.

Once again, we make the quick disclaimer that the celebrities in our slideshow aren’t here because we believe any or all of  them to be deserving of the title “Best Dressed”: they’ve been selected purely at random, from this week’s photos, and it’s up to you to decide what you think of their looks. All we ask if that if you’re leaving a comment that you please be respectful and avoid body snarking or personal attacks: remember, this isn’t the E! Network – criticise clothes, not people!

Here are our style suspects:

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