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Best Dressed of the Day: Natalie Portman, Rose McGowan, Madonna or Michelle Williams?


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Wow. Wowwowwow! Get a load of Natalie Portman! Isn’t she fabulous in this dress? Isn’t it great to see her ditch the "I work in a bank" look of earlier this month, and concentrate on being gorgeous?

From this you may well conclude that The Fashion Police are supporting Nat’s bid to be named Best Dressed of the Day, but the thing is… we really love Rose McGowan’s hair. And we’re kinda digging her "glam Cinderella" look here, too. And then there’s Madonna, in a Stella McCartney dress that won’t even be available to us mere mortals for months. Can you believe she’s almost  50? Michelle Williams, meanwhile… hmmm, well, it’s possibly a little ageing on her, but we love us some vintage-style beaded gowns, so let’s throw her into the mix, too.

Time for you to make the decision, Fashion Police Jury. Which of these celebrities is the Best Dressed of the Day?

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