Bear Breasts: Vivetta’s ‘Cady Bear’ dress

Vivetta bear dress

Well, this certainly gives new meaning to the phrase “bear breasts”. We mean “bare breasts.” Whoops, no, we were right the first time, for these are bears ON the breasts, as opposed to… well, you know. Do you see what Vivetta did there? This strange mixture of child and adult is not only a walking pun, it’s also the source of much confusion here at Fashion Police HQ, as we struggle to wonder what kind of person would want to almost expose her breasts under see-through chiffon, but then cover them up at the last minute with a cutesty-wutesy ickle bear.

reddy bear dress

Is it YOU? Are you the kind of person who would wear this? If so, you’ll need ¬£221, and to click here to buy it at Louisa Via Roma. We have just one question for you, though: what would you name the bears? And won’t you worry about them getting¬†lonely? Fear not, here’s a friend for them, from the same brand:

skirt with bear embellishment

We also love the collar: we’d been wondering what on earth to wear with some of our bear outfits, after all…

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