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Batman Fashion: will you be wearing it?


Tell us: how excited are you about the new Batman movie? Not excited at all? Excited enough to go and see it, but no more? Excited enough to see it and maybe buy some movie merchandise? Or excited enough to want to cover your entire body in bat logos, maybe?

Presumably there are at least some of you out there who fall into that last category. Why else would ordinary fashion retails suddenly be starting to produce clothing with a bat design, after all? The t-shirt on the left of the picture above is £18 from Topshop while the dress on the right is on sale (?) for £20 at Discoo.

To us, these look like the dreaded "novelty" clothes, so these pictures would actually have made a pretty tough "Wear or Die" choice for us, but what do you think of the sudden trickle of batman-influenced clothing into our beloved fashion stores? Are you a big bat fan, or do these just look like a joke(r) to you? (Sorry.)

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